Gerber Toilets

In 1932, Max Gerber established a plumbing fixture company dedicated to quality, style, performance and durability that has earned the respect of plumbing contractors and builders ever since.

The family-run business started by Max, who immigrated from Poland to Chicago in 1902, continues to this day as part of Globe Union Group, Inc. with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a strong plumbing wholesaler distribution network.

Gerber products are  sold exclusively to the plumbing professional. Being loyal to the trade sets us apart. It also gives us the responsibility to meet and exceed plumbing contractors’ highest standards. That is why we are committed to exacting product specifications, fine craftsmanship and product innovation.

Gerber’s product range includes residential vitreous china, commercial plumbing fixtures, electronic faucets, electronic flush valves, residential and commercial faucets, tub & shower fittings and bath drains.

Gerber is the plumbers proven first choice for high quality plumbing products.