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Conditioner Model What It Does Why Its Better than Competitors Price
Sterling INT 34 SoftenerSterling INT 34 Softener . Cleaner Laundry. Sparkling Dishes. Improved Dining. Plumbing Protection. Bottom Line Savings. Saves Space 11″x24″

Sterling INT Series Brochure

. High Efficiency uses less salt and water than a traditional water softener. Meter initiated with a 34,000 grain capacity.
. Capable of Reducing Iron. Fine mesh resin may eliminate need for an iron filter, when ferrous iron is present.
. Non-corrosive Construction. All components are made of fiberglass, stainless steel or similar materials to provide years of service without rust or corrosion.
. Modular Design. Provides quick serving of the control. No bolts or screws means most repairs can be done without tools.
. Adjustable Regeneration Cycle Sequences. Programming can be adjusted to handle your exact water conditions.
Space Saver: 11″ X 24″ X 43″ Tall
List: $718.00 Sale: $698.85 Stock #2300015
Sterling OXY3 Iron FilterSterling OXY3 Iron Filter . Reduces Staining. Eliminates Odors. Brighter Laundry. Plumbing Protection. Corrects Acid. Saves Space 11″x24″

Sterling Oxy3 Brochure

. No Chemicals. Chemical regenerant not required.
. No In-Line Venturi to Plug or Adjust.
. No Air Compressor. The noise and expense of compressors are eliminated.
. No Excess Air.
. No Air Release Valve Required.
. Less Maintenance. The only maintenance required is the occasional replenishment of media if the raw water pH is below 7. An easy to use fill port is provided.
. Rugged Mechanical Piston Valve. No solenoids or flapper valves to stick.
. Full Flow By Pass Valve. Simple to use valve allows you to bypass the unit for lawn sprinkling or during filter maintenance
List: $1300.00 Sale: $998.87 Stock #2300022
NS30E Reverse Osmosis . Healthy Sparkling Clear Drinking Water. Pristine, Flavorful Coffee, Tea & Juice. Clearer Ice Cubes. Better Tasting Soups, Sauces & MealsDWS Series Reverse Osmosis Brochure The DWS Series Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System reduces harmful contaminants and turns common tap water into the fresh,quality water that nature intended us to drink. A 5-stage system filters water at the molecular level. Drawn water passes through a final carbon filter to remove any unwanted tastes or odors. The result is simply healthier, better tasting water.
. Environmentally sound water treatment.
. Cost effective: the daily cost of bottled water will no longer be a concern.
. Convenient: fresh, clean water ready at your tap – no more handling of jugs.
List: $582.00 Sale:  $239.97 Stock#2300392