Toilet & Bidget

The last part of this decade brought us many technological breakthroughs in toilet technology. Toilets are now more efficient in water use with more powerful flushing. The last time we had technology breakthrough, it was a disaster – the first 1.6gpf toilets were a utter failure – they didn’t flush well at all. Customers were crossing the borders to Canada to get back their beloved 3.5gpf toilets.

Today, that’s all changed. Even the first run at new technologies are successful. Now we have Watersense ® 1.28gpf toilets that can do a full flush one time, every time. Dual Flush toilets are all the rage, customers have the option to flush 0.9gpf or can use a full 1.6gpf flush when needed. Now we have flapperless toilets that make leaky flappers a thing of the past. The new Niagara Stealth ™ Toilet which has a full flush using only 0.8gpf – is simply AMAZING.

Cut-rate is on the cutting edge of new Watersense® technology toilets and we have them for you to see & flush in person with our new interactive toilet display. Stop in and FLUSH SOME TIME AWAY TODAY…..!!!!!